CDC National Moratorium on Evictions 9/1/20

The CDC issued a national moratorium on evictions 9/1/2020. The Fair Housing Action Center of Maryland published key points on the eviction moratorium.


  • Tenants can still be evicted for other issues that don’t include nonpayment of rent.
  • All adults listed on the lease must sign, in order to be protected under the moratorium.
  • You must sign a declaration that states, among other things, that your circumstances were related to COVID, and be able to prove that if the need arises;
  • You must declare that you have sought all available funding sources to pay your back rent, including government assistance;
  • You must declare that you earn less than $99,000 annually (or $198,000 if you file taxes jointly with someone else), and;
  • You must declare that you would become homeless if you were evicted, and have no alternative housing available to you.
  • This moratorium expires December 31, 2020 unless amended.

You can find more information on their website

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