Frequently Asked Questions

What services and support does BBR provide?

Better BedRest is a nonprofit offering support, resource and referral service for women placed on bedrest due to complications of pregnancy. Expectant mothers and their families are often caught off-guard when doctors or midwives suddenly prescribe bedrest. Better BedRest helps support these women and their families in a variety of ways for positive outcome for mom and babies. Telephone volunteers check in with each client weekly. They offer emotional support as well as referrals to important community resources. Bedrest moms can be connected to talk to each other if both parties agree. There is a newsletter expectant mothers can read, check out our resource page or call with questions. We offer emergency financial grants to help pay a small bill if the caller qualifies (Maryland only).

Do you provide any in-home type services?

No, we strictly offer telephone support and referrals to other agencies, as needed.

Who does BBR service?

We are a national organization for pregnant women who are prescribed bedrest and/or restrictions  (modified or complete) by a doctor or nurse-midwife.

How does BBR determine who receives a grant?

First, the applicant must be a Maryland resident (for out of state callers, call us for resources in your area), a caller with Better BedRest (for at least 3 weeks) and must complete the grant application form, and include the following documents:

• a doctor’s note prescribing bedrest
• proof of Maryland residency
• two most recent paychecks
• proof of disability payment
• a copy of a bill(s) that need to be considered.

Once these items are received, a committee reviews the materials and decides if a grant is approved, and for how much. At this time Maryland Grants are $500.

Where do I get the application?

If you are eligible and do not have access to the internet, please let us know and we will be happy to mail you an application.

How much can I get from the grant?

The amount is determined by the applicant’s need and by how much our emergency grant fund has available with a maximum grant of $500.

What types of bills will be considered for payment?

Utility bills such as electricity, gas and phone; rent or mortgage, daycare. Auto and medical insurance and medical bills are all considered. We do not assist with internet, credit card, or cable bills.

Can I apply for a grant for a past bedrest pregnancy?

No, a qualified caller must currently be on medical pregnancy bedrest, and must be an active BBR caller taking our calls for 3 weeks and beyond.

What if I was put on bedrest but didn’t have a job?

You would not be qualified for the BBR emergency grant, but there are other possible resources available. Here are a few: Catholic Charities USA, Salvation Army, Community Action Council (look for one in your area), your local Health Department, 211 or 311 resource lines (call to find out what your state has available), local community centers, churches or synagogues. Doing a search online for Pregnancy Centers in your community brings up multiple suggestions.

What other resources can I turn to for help during bedrest?

Check out Sidelines and KeepEmCookin for online help. Birthright International has items for the newborn.

Who will be calling me?

A Better BedRest staff member will return your call when you leave a message on our helpline 410-740-7662. Our volunteers have all been trained to work with moms dealing with high risk pregnancies.

How often will I be called?

We strive to call everyone weekly. Calls are approximately 25 minutes long. If you prefer not to receive future calls anymore, just let the volunteer know. Please keep in mind that when you cancel the volunteer calls you will no longer qualify for the Maryland emergency grant.

Is my information secure?

Yes, we keep the information completely confidential and secure.

Does BBR provide medical advice?

No medical advice is given. We are a listening support group, and provide information on resources and referrals.

What should I do if my employer told me I must resign due to having a high risk pregnancy?

This is against the law. This link is a website with information about filing a grievance. Better BedRest takes no responsibility for your situation, but seeks to provide any information possible to support moms on bedrest.

Check out How to File a Charge

I know someone who is on bedrest. What can I do to help?

Refer them to Better BedRest 410-740-7662.