Bored on BedRest?

Make a schedule

Keep a journal – write letters to your baby, or just keep a log of your day!

Keep a calendar. Time does pass!

Set up Telephone & Video Calling Dates

Friends may not know how to support you during this time. If you would like someone to come visit you, invite them!

Watch TV! Follow Shows! Get a streaming subscription (or borrow a friend’s)

Crochet/Knit. Don’t know how? Go on youtube or ask the social worker if in the hospital about working with a volunteer

Work on a Photo Album

Write Letters/notes/cards



Listed to Audio Books

Read a book

Learn to Meditate 

Do nothing (and don’t feel guilty!)


Have your support person bring you some of your favorite snacks (be sure to check with your doctor if you are on a special diet)

In the hospital? Bring blankets, pillows & photos from home. Some women like to get comfortable during their stay, others do not!

Mary Francis Lahood, MSW, LGSW