Are you pregnant during Covid-19?

We are going through challenging times now with Covid 19. Being pregnant during this time adds more challenges. It’s easy to let your mind wander and wonder how you will get through this. It is important to reach out for support whether it be family, friends, neighbors.  If you are one of those people that don’t have family, friends and neighbors to talk to or just need an ear other than people you know well, we are here to help. By calling 1-800-492-0618 you can can be connected with one of our BBR 211 staff that is trained to listen and provide resources as well as well as stay in touch with you weekly until you deliver. Sometimes that listening ear can provide compassion and really help you as you get through this pregnancy during this difficult time. Whatever your needs might be we are there to help. You can be anywhere in the US to reach out to us for help. Please do not suffer in silence. That is not helping you or the unborn child you carry. Remember call 1-800-492-0618 wait for the Better Bedrest prompt mailbox 4 and someone will return your call. Hang in there. You are not alone.

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