New Better BedRest phone number 800-492-0618 Press 4 for Better BedRest!

Better BedRest is pleased to announce a partnership with 211MD. All calls will be handled by social workers, social work interns as well as other human resources specialists! We are very excited about this. If you want to learn more check this out.

Mission: An outreach program for pregnancies at risk

Vision: To empower women to overcome the challenges associated with pregnancy bedrest and/or restrictions. 

On bedrest? Have pregnancy restrictions? Have questions? Need resources to help you and your family? You are not alone.

Founded in 1993, Better BedRest, Inc. is an advocacy, public awareness and volunteer-driven non-profit whose sole purpose is to provide support, resources
and information to pregnant women who are prescribed bedrest and/or restrictions by their physicians or midwives.

Better BedRest, a registered 501 (c) 3 organization, proudly provides assistance to women in the United States on bedrest through our 24-hour Helpline, staffed by experienced volunteers, who can lend an ear and provide valuable support and resources to make the time spent off your feet a little bit more bearable.

Better BedRest also provides small grants to Maryland women on bedrest in financial distress to assist them in paying a bill. The Better BedRest Emergency Grant Fund was started with a grant from The Columbia Foundation. To confirm eligibility and to apply for the grant, please send an inquiry to or call our helping 410-740-7662.

We are based in Savage, MD. If you would like to hear our latest news, check out our most recent posts or check us out on Facebook. If you would like to contribute, please consider volunteering or donating. All contributions are welcome!